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Anonymised Crowd Analytics & Queue Wait Time Software for Entertainment Venues.

A world-class platform that diagnoses and recommends operational improvements.


Specialists in  Entertainment & Hospitality Venues

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Nola is a zero-installation video analytics software that enables large entertainment venues to utilise their existing CCTV infrastructure to gain anonymised insights on real time crowd flow, revenue leakage and visitor experience. 

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Custom Dashboards

Flexibility to tailor your unique metrics and display according to your specific needs.

Tailored Advisory and Recommendations

Personalised guidance and insights, understanding how Nola can assist, identifying areas for improvement, and maximising the effectiveness of your current camera infrastructure.

Push Notifications / Alerts

Receive real-time notifications and alerts, enabling you to immediately respond to critical events, improving situational awareness and facilitating timely intervention.

Easy Integration

Seamless integration with your existing IP camera system and infrastructure. Nola can even attach your POS system for real time cost analysis.

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Customer Journey  Mapping & Product Engagement 

Increase Average Spend Per Visitor

Nola fuses the various views of your cameras to provide a continuous single visitor journey view.

  • Product engagement & conversion rates

  • Measure internal conversion rates to key areas

  • Understanding key flows through your venue

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Use Cases

Our platform is designed to help you achieve a quick return on investment (ROI) by tailoring it to your specific strategic objectives across operations, experience and increasing average spend per visitor.

Nola App

Anonymised Crowd Analytics

Access your venue data on the go, anywhere and anytime. Industry specific dashboards for stadiums, theme parks and  live music venues,  giving you access to a range of insights.

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Inustry Soutions

Industry Solutions

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Why Nola

Experts in Entertainment

  • Custom analytics solutions for the top Entertainment Sectors in Australia

  • Tailoring your specific strategic objectives and addressing the industry's unique challenges for a quick ROI

Accuracy of 90% & Above

  • Designed for high-density environments where WI-fi-based technologies are not capable of counting accurately

  • Minimum accuracy of 90%, and provide regular reports and optimisation to maintain this

Anonymous by Design with Enterprise Grade Security

  • Trusted by data sensitive organisations due to our extensive security configurations that align with the strictest data and security policies

  • Anonymous-by-design system​ that does not use any form of identification, such as facial recognition

  • We believe there's no trade off between technology and privacy

Zero Installation

  • Utilise your existing CCTV infrastructure to analyse and interpret data

  • This provides a scalable, agile and affordable solution for venues of all sizes

  • 14 day go-live turn around on average

Jamberoo Action Park has taken their visitor experience to a whole new level with an exciting partnership with Nola Technologies, addressing a key frustration from theme park... read more

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