Australia's easiest to use Visitor Analytics & Queue Management solution for Musical Festivals, Events & Retailers.

Platforms: iOS, Android & Web


Plug & Play Solution for Retail, Hospitality & Physical Venues

Are you looking for something that provides more value than people counting, for the same cost?

Nola enables retail operations & venue managers to view real-time visitor count, queues & demographics across their entire store network, from any device.

  • Integrates with existing video feeds

  • Foot traffic count & venue occupancy

  • Live queues & wait time

  • Age & gender reporting

  • Time spent serving customers & rate of service

  • Heat maps to assess layout efficiency

  • Area, aisle & venue performance comparison

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Nola for Musical Festivals & Events

Pay for set up and hire only.

Insights that are designed to support Event Directors, Operations Staff & Sponsorship Stakeholders during & after the event. 

  • Real-time queue count & wait times

  • Toilet/shower/facility queue metrics

  • Push queue data to visitors through displays, app or your website

  • Hospitality staff rate of service & time spent serving customers

  • Entry, exit usage & area visits

  • Post-event analysis report

  • View live CCTV video stream from app for no additional cost

  • Allerts


Real Time Venue Analytics for Smooth Operators

Monitor visitor metrics, staff productivity & the features listed below across all your physical venues through the Nola app.

Visitor Count

Track real-time venue occupancy, area visits & entry/exit usage.

Queue Metrics For Staff & Visitors

Live queue length count and time spent at your bars, toilets, or store counters. Queue times can be promoted through your website, event app or physical displays.

Staff Productivity

Measure rate of service per customer, time spent not serving customers & leverage historical trends to schedule staff more effectively.

Traffic & Heat Map

View visitor hot spots and crowd flow in a snapshot with maps. Leverage insights to plan venue layout more effectively.

Age & Gender Recognition

Record visitor demographics for venues or events so you can tailor your marketing more effectively.

Toilet & Facilities Usage

Measure real time queues and usage of showers, toilets, and other facilities.

Post Event Report

Leverage post event statistics to make better decisions on investments in staffing, sponsorships, entertainment and venue design.

Access To Video Stream

View real time video footage from the Nola app. Nola also integrates with existing video stream equipment.


How It Works

I'm plug & play baby, without impact on your IT team's productivity.


Sign Up

Fill out our contact form with your venue or event details and we will be in touch with a quote and free product demo.


You will receive a Nola AI server to connect to a power source, and our team will integrate with your existing video feeds or refer you to a video camera installation provider. NOTE: Activation will occur remotely for permanent installations and for events, there will be an on-site crew for the duration of the event.

Start Tracking

Once activated, start using insights from the Nola app to drive immediate operational efficiencies and maximise revenue.

Pricing & Plans

Monthly subscription pricing with no lock-in contracts.

From $30 AUD

per month/per venue


Up to 4 video feeds

Pay as You Go

$15 per month, per video feed

Integrates with existing video cameras

Additional cost for NolaEdge-750 device

Dashboards for retail & hospitality 

From $60 AUD 
per month/per venue


5 to 25 video feeds

Pay as You Go

$12 per month, per video feed

Integrates with existing video cameras

Additional cost for NolaEdge-1500 or 3000 device

Dashboards for retail & hospitality 

for duration of event


Short term solution (minimum 24 hours)

Pay for short term hire & set up

On-site nola crew supplied for the duration of the event

Can be set up anywhere including bars, hospitality, food trucks, sponsorship activations, toilet/shower cubicles, entries & exits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a demo?

Absolutely! We would love to run you through our app and discuss how we can support your revenue & operations objectives.

Um... but can't I just buy an 'AI Camera' ?

Unlike 'recognition cameras', Nola is not 'off the shelf' equipment. Nola is an ever-evolving operational-critical machine learning system, with user app that can be integrated with any video feed or camera. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, the system is continuously improved, serviced and has been designed to deliver useful insights specific to the customer needs.

Is this an invasion of privacy?

Nola does not track or remember individuals that it sees. Insights are delivered using anonymous, aggregated metrics.

Can I use my existing cameras?

For sure! Nola integrates with any video feeds so you can get your bang for your buck, and in the event, you do not have any, we will refer you to a company. For events, Nola will provide our own equipment.

Who the hell is Nola?

Nola is a visual intelligence platform that streamlines knowledge through automating & delivering insights that would usually be reported by a human. Nola is a Melbourne-based startup in Victoria, Australia created by a team of aero-space engineers, developers & marketers with an aim to improve & streamline operations industry-wide. Check out our About Us page.


About Us

Nola is an AI based visual intelligence platform that streamlines knowledge delivery through automating reporting that would usually be conducted by human observation. Nola is a Melbourne-based startup in Victoria, Australia created by a team of aerospace engineers, machine learning specialists & marketing analysts with an aim to democratise the benefits of computer vision and machine learning for all companies.

We are proudly a FifthOcean Australia company, with clients from:


Priceline Pharmacy (API Group)


Noosa Council


Broadcast Australia


Victoria State Government


Food Innovation Australia