Powerful insights for retail stores & events.

AI-Powered In-Store Analytics Empower staff to maximise profit & deliver an elite shopper experience.


Access actionable insights on in-store shopper behaviour, customer experience and staff productivity. Simply connect Nola Venue Analytics with your existing video feeds - no installation required.

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Empower Staff to Deliver Profitable & Productive Shopper Experiences

Nola's unique insights and visual recognition capabilities enable retail operations to get the most out of their staff and investments, while enabling marketing to drive higher purchase prices and conversion rates.

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Here's how Nola's insights support retail teams unleash their full potential.

Marketing & Sales - improve sales conversion & average purchase price

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Nola reports on key metrics relating to the entire shoppers' journey from entry to exit. These insights are critical for visual merchandising & marketing to perform In-Store Optimisation. 

✔ Discover your sales power hours for each store, and how traffic changes throughout the year.

✔ Receive quick insights on visual merchandising effectiveness by measuring store area interactions and promotion engagement

✔ View how a store layout impacts a visitor's intent to buy, and use the data to effectively position promotions and identify friction points

✔ Use visitor demographics to personalise campaigns and drive a higher conversion rate

✔ Measure the effectiveness of store displays based on the draw-in rate of people entering the store from the street.

Retail Operations - facilitate improvements in staff productivity & customer experience.

Nola delivers metrics on staff productivity and customer experience.

✔ Keep queues to a minimum by tracking queue length, wait times and abandonment rate for for checkout counters or change rooms.

✔ Measure service intensity based on staff to customer ratio.

✔ Assess the actual sales opportunities in store based on real time occupancy figures.

✔ Identify products missing on shelves, and measure replenishment times.

✔ Optimise staff operations in real time in alignment with number of visitors, queues and area engagement.

✔ Utilise passer-by traffic count to assess cost effectiveness of venue placement.

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OHS - Real-time reporting of issues to drive faster response time.

Nola's reporting capability extends to shelf audits & OHS compliance, enabling staff to receive prompts to resolve outstanding issues.


✔ Real-time alerts of spills on floor.

✔ Monitor staff compliance to PPE.

✔ Alerts to respond to crowding before the situation escalates.

enterprise grade security

Configuration options available to accommodate your data security requirements. 

plug & play

No installation required. Connects remotely to your video feeds.

supports custom development

Agile & flexible infrastructure that evolves with changing retail requirements. Customisation services available.

integration ready

Integration ready architecture that enables you to connect with other apps & systems.


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About Us

Nola is an AI based visual intelligence platform that streamlines knowledge delivery through automating reporting that would usually be conducted by human observation. Nola is a Melbourne-based startup in Victoria, Australia created by a team of aerospace engineers, machine learning specialists & marketing analysts with an aim to democratise the benefits of computer vision and machine learning for all companies.

How do we help retailers 

Undestand How Visitors, Staff & Marketing Affect In-Store Performance
Data-Rich KPIs & Insights To empower your staff to deliver an elite CX
Show you how to drive a higher in-store conversion rate & average purchase price
Optimise staff management to drive maximum profit

Invest in a reporting soluton that evolves with your requirements

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