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Anonymised Video Analytics Software

Deliver Better Visitor Experiences

A no-install visitor analytics and queues & wait times solution for venues, retail and  advertisers (OOH).

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Measure Customer Experience, and Estimate the Impact on Profit

What can Nola achieve?

Nola analyses live video feeds or historical footage to deliver powerful insights for your business.

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Low running costs, fast deployment times

Zero-Trust Security

Designed to protect personal privacy

Nola is an anonymous-by-design system​ that does not use any form of identification (such as facial recognition and MAC address tracking techniques).

Nola has been designed to comply with personal privacy and data protection laws and company policies. We believe there's no trade off between technology and privacy.

Accuracy & Transparency

Accuracy optimised over time, with manual and automated checks and balances.

Includes self-check tool to validate data.

Regular reports provided on data accuracy with on-going optimisation by leading computer vision experts. 

Designed for high-density environments where wi-fi-based technologies are not capable of counting accurately.

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Easy Set Up

No additional installation needed, integrates with existing IP cameras.

On-premise processing option.

Remote deployment.

No impact on network performance.

Pay as you go pricing.

Working with Australia's Leading Businesses

Venues, Retail & Advertisers

Nola has worked with Australia's leading organisations to optimise operations, measure advertising effectiveness and deliver better experiences.







Our Clients

Why Nola?

"New and Transformational Insights"

“Nola enabled us to gain new and transformational insights into product engagement, visitor demographics, customer experience, and operational effectiveness. We chose Nola as our in-store analytics partner for their quick and easy setup, and advanced reporting capabilities.”


Gregory Aldridge
Customer Experience Manager at Reece Group

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