In-Store Analytics for retail & hospitality venues - using your existing CCTV.

AI-Powered In-Store Analytics | Remote & Easy Deployment

Actionable insights on product engagement, staff productivity, and queue speed. Improve customer experience while reducing operating costs - no installation required.

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Empower key decision-makers with impactful insights derived from visitor and staff foot traffic analysis.

Nola's unique visual recognition capabilities & insights enable retail operations to get the most out of their staff and investments, while enabling marketing to drive higher purchase prices and conversion rates.


Here are the key ways Nola supports businesses unleash their full potential.

Measure product engagement, to improve visual merchandising effectiveness.

Track the frequency visitors engaged with your products and shelves (with their eyes), and the average dwell time.

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Deliver an elite customer experience with queue length & wait times.

Promote real-time data on wait times to visitors, and improve your day-to-day operations through setting data-driven KPIs on the speed of service.

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Use data, not intuition to drive staff rostering.

Utilise historical trends on service intensity (staff behind counter vs queue length) to optimise rosters for profitability.

Respond to bottlenecks with real-time data on crowd flow.

Use maps and occupancy data to respond to issues rapidly.

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enterprise grade security

Configuration options available to accommodate your data security requirements. 

plug & play

No installation required. Connects remotely to your existing video feeds.

Low running costs & fast deployment times

With zero capital expenses and no installations required, you can roll Nola out at scale.

integration ready

Integration ready architecture that enables you to connect with other apps & systems.


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About Us

Nola is Australia's easiest to use in-store analytics solution for retail and hospitality venues. Using any CCTV camera, Nola derives insights on product engagement, staff productivity, and customer experience. Nola enables venues to increase sales, reduce operational costs and improve customer experience.

Who we work with

Fashion retailer


Enabling data-driven visual merchandising and optimised staff rostering.



Supporting venue managers to improve staff rostering & respond to real-time crowding or queue bottlenecks.



Temporary deployment of Nola, designed for large crowds.

Start tracking today by connecting your cameras.