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Revolutionising the Theme Park Experience with Nola

Wednesday 2nd August, 2023

Jamberoo Action Park has taken their visitor experience to a whole new level with an exciting partnership with Nola Technologies, addressing a key frustration from theme park enthusiasts, spending more time on rides and less time in queues  

Jamberoo Action Park, NSW's largest family owned and operated water park has partnered with Nola, an anonymous-by-design crowd analytics software designed to improve queue wait times and operational efficiencies. 

Jamberoo Action Park General Manager Matt George said “We’re excited to have our staff work closely with technology, helping guide us in making critical decisions to improve the overall experience and safety of our customers”  

By understanding visitor flow and operational efficiency of each individual ride, Jamberoo Action Park can now improve staffing levels in real time, empower visitor decisions, and redirect guests through to other less busy areas, maximising the overall efficiency and profitability of the Action Park.  


Customer privacy was paramount to the success of this partnership, and Nola’s anonymous by design protects customers by processing all information on site by generating anonymised numerical statistics as output. There’s no facial recognition or individual identification technology of any kind.  

 “It's important that our customers be in control of the action and feel safe, Nola's strict adherence to privacy and security delivers that and more” Matt George said.  


Jamberoo Action Park operates as a seasonal business and opens to the public on 23rd September. 

Nola CEO Vic Zorin said “Empowering businesses to make decisions using a data-driven lens into their operations is extremely rewarding, we’re excited to be in a partnership with NSW’s largest family-owned Water Theme Park” 

Curious to see what it all looks like in action? Check out our ski resort demo which visually shows some of the data we could display with our queue wait times software.

About - Nola

Nola is a zero-installation video analytics software that enables entertainment venues to utilise their existing infrastructure to gain anonymised insights on real time crowd flow, revenue leakage and visitor experience.

Contact Nola:

About - Jamberoo Action Park

Jamberoo is NSW’s largest family owned and operated water theme park, offering world class rides and attractions in an impeccably maintained, natural setting between the mountains and the sea.

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