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Spend less time queuing, and more time on the slopes with Nola

The snow season is here, and as we dust off our jackets and boots getting ready to hit the slopes, we also mentally prepare ourselves for the queues.


With the recent media around chair lift and car park queues ( "Think again.." and "Aussies walk.."), we thought what better time to demonstrate the positive impact AI can have on the skier/snowboarder experience using crowd analytics software for chair lifts.

Below, the Nola team have created a demonstration which visually shows some of the data we could display with our queue wait times software. For this example, we have shown:

  • Queue count and wait times

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Security


Interested in learning more on how Nola and help your business deliver a better visitor experience? Contact us for a free demo!


Chairlift demo

Queue count and wait times

  • Queue count: Total number of visitors currently in queue.

  • Wait time:  The amount of time it takes someone at the back of the queue to reach the front. For this example we also factored extra time into the formula to account for a short safety demonstration prior to visitors boarding the chair lift. This is a custom formula and varies based on individual ride requirements.

Operational Efficiency

  • Staff count: Recommendations on required staff based on pre-set staff-to-customer ratios.

  • Queue time Vs Staff: Displays the relationship between staff and queue length.

  • Ride count. How many people have used the chair lift. This can be adjusted to any time interval.

  • Ride performance / Utilisation (%): Measuring efficiency against it's potential maximum output.

  • Bottleneck causes:  Displaying the reasons why the chair lift wasn't performing at it's maximum. This example highlights the low performance is due to either under-staffing or lack of visitor flow.


  • Virtual trip wire detection of people entering a restricted area / no-go-zone.

  • Immediate alerts/push notifications sent to nominated staff.

Nola is anonymous by design

  • Nola does not use facial recognition or individual identification technology of any kind.

  • Nola does not produce or store any information about individuals.

  • Nola works by processing video footage from cameras installed on customer premises and generates anonymised numerical statistics as output.

You can read more about how we keep data secure in our Security and Privacy Statement.

Ski Lift
Snow form

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