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Delivering Better Visitor Experiences through AI


Nola is a Crowd Analytics & In-Store Analytics software that enables entertainment venues to utilise their existing CCTV infrastructure to optimise operations and improve visitor experience.


Our mission is to provide Entertainment & Live Music Venues with the tools they need to revolutionise their operations and enhance profitability. We aim to achieve this by offering affordable and easily accessible visitor insights that make a significant impact.

Ethics and Privacy

Nola believes there is no trade off between privacy and ethics, and the richness of data. We've designed an anonymous-by-design system that does not store unique identifiers, ensuring that visitors and companies are protected against attackers and malicious use of data.

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Nola's Data Security and Privacy Statement  


Unique Identifiers vs Privacy, Ethics & Risk


Our Heritage

Founded in Melbourne in 2019, Nola is a video analytics software that was initially designed to address one key issue: queues and wait times at events.


A few years ago, Nola founder Victoria Zorin grew frustrated while stuck in an avoidably long queue at a music festival, inspiring her to dive deeper into the world of advanced visitor analytics. 


Over the years, Nola has evolved rapidly from a basic queue wait time solution to a comprehensive crowd analytics platform that aims to solve the key operational challenges facing the Australian hospitality and entertainment industry.


Backed by Skalata Ventures in 2022, Nola's advanced computer vision capabilities, ethical approach and specialised industry insights have enabled the business to work with some of Australia's leading hospitality venues and retailers.

Meet the Executive Team

The executive management team behind Nola

Media Coverage

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Melbourne, Australia

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