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Unlock the Potential of Your Park with Our Exclusive

'Free Queue Wait Time & Ride Analysis Offer'

Are long queues overshadowing the thrill of your rides and guest experiences?

Want to optimise staff distribution and rostering?

Nola's 'Free Queue Wait Time & Ride Analysis Offer'  is your fast track ticket to reimagining ride wait times and enhancing guest satisfaction.

What's on Offer

  • Free analysis of historical footage of one ride

  • Tailored insights on improving ride efficiency and reducing wait times

  • A step towards a more efficient, enjoyable park experience for every guest

Offer expires 30th June 2024

Dream big, cut the queues, and reclaim the

joy of theme parks


Visit Nola at Booth 13 at the AALARA24 Conference & Trade Show or, fill in your details today and learn how you can use your existing camera network to gain additional insights.

Specialists in entertainment venues

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About us

Nola is a video analytics software that enables entertainment venues to utilise their existing CCTV infrastructure to gain actionable insights on crowd flow and visitor experience. Nola recommends operational improvements around:

  • Queues and wait times

  • Ride through put and departure frequencyIngress/egress, bottleneck and surge detection

  • Tripwire detection

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Staff rostering efficiency

  • CSAT

  • Operational Efficiency KPIs

Anonymous by design

  • Nola does not use facial recognition or individual identification technology of any kind.

  • Nola does not produce or store any information about individuals.

  • Nola works by processing video footage from cameras installed on customer premises and generates anonymised numerical statistics as output.

You can read more about how we keep data secure in our Security and Privacy Statement.

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Deliver Better Visitor Experiences with Nola.

Contact us to claim your offer

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