How do you measure product engagement in retail stores, and why does it matter?

Updated: Feb 15

Thanks to computer vision solutions like Nola, you can now measure visual merchandising engagement in bricks & mortar retail stores.

From assumptions to data-driven marketing

Traditionally, product sales have been used to measure visual merchandising success in retail stores. However, there is no way to determine if it was in fact the in-store marketing that has driven the outcome, and thus, difficult to ascertain marketing return on investment.

Luckily, we've developed a way for you to measure how many times visitors interact with your products, and their dwell time.

Source: Nola In-Store Analytics Real-Time Demo

Here's why having this data point is critical to being an effective marketer and visual merchandiser in retail stores.

Reason #1 - You Can Measure & Optimise Conversion Rate

By putting visitor conversion rates at the forefront of your strategy, you can lower your customer acquisition costs by getting more value from the visitors you already have in store.

Add, remove and adjust your visual merchandising tactics and see how it affects the purchase behaviour of existing visitors.

Reason #2 - You Can Measure Marketing Impact & ROI

Is the window display you invested in effectively driving visitors to your targeted product category in-store?

Understanding how your visitor responds to your in-store promotions is key to understanding if your team's time and efforts in campaign creation are resulting in the desired outcome.

Reason #3 - Understand Your Customers True Intentions

Different venue locations can drive variations in product interest. By capturing consumer interest by store, you can effectively tailor your offering and promotions to existing demand.

Reason #4 - Optimise Your Staffing Effectively

For larger department stores, you get the most out of your staff by deploying them to high-traffic areas.

Reason #5 - Without Data, You're Squandering Money, Resources & Opportunities

By adopting a data-driven approach to marketing you increase your chances of higher conversion rate, an improved customer experience, and a better ROI.

Measure product engagement with Australia's easiest to use in-store analytics solution, Nola.

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