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Top music festival Yours & Owls leverages Nola to provide a stellar experience for 20,000 visitors

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

In 2021, Yours & Owls Music Festival partnered with Nola to leverage their computer vision-powered in-store analytics technology to improve queues, bar wait times, and enhance crowd safety.

Everyone has had at least one poor experience with long queues. While poor crowd management has a direct impact on customer experience, it can also mean lost sales opportunities and an increased risk of safety incidents (see Travis Scott’s Astro World).

The Problem

There is a lack of tools available for short term events and even hospitality venues to monitor customer experience, staff productivity & marketing effectiveness. This has meant that large public events need to rely on intuition to make key management decisions in staff rostering and crowd management.
  • Revenue leakage through overstaffing or understaffing

  • Lack of visibility in a large venue increases the risk of safety incidents

  • A poor customer experience from crowding

While there are people counting devices available (Wi-Fi, Infrared, Stereo Vision) they need to be permanently affixed to a structure and are limited in their reporting capabilities.

Client - Yours & Owls Music Festival

Yours and Owls Festival is the NSW’s largest and most exciting, environmentally conscious music festival, which runs annually for two days. Featuring art installations, food, and market stalls, and multiple stages showcasing a diverse range of genres of music from some of Australia’s biggest bands and international musicians.


Improve customer experience, reduce costs and increase sales by optimising queue design & staffing.

• Monitor queues, wait times & speed of service at bars in real-time

• Understand historical trends to guide the design of future events

• View real-time traffic maps to identify crowding before it escalates

Solution - Deployed within 8 hours, using low-cost CCTV cameras

With CCTV cameras temporarily installed at the bars, Nola was able to remotely connect to their feeds and autonomously adjust to the environmental conditions. Within 8 hours, Nola provided real-time anonymised data on queue length, queue wait times, queue speed, and a live traffic map from an app. This enabled the client to re-adjust staffing in real-time to optimise the visitor experience and staff productivity.

Additionally, Nola provided a post-event report on queue trends to guide future staff rostering, venue design, and sponsorships for the next event.

About Nola

Nola is an AI-powered in-store analytics solution for retailers and hospitality venues that enables them to improve sales, reduce operating costs and improve customer experience. Using any CCTV camera, Nola delivers anonymised data and actionable insights on customer experience, staff productivity & product engagement.

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